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What Students are Saying About EMT/EMS Training at DCCCD

Thousands of students walk through the doors of our seven colleges each year, and between them all, there are thousands more reasons why. Because of that, sometimes we like to take a little time to cast some light on a specific program, why those students chose it and how it’s helped them on their own personal road to success.

For the month of July, our focus is on the Emergency Medical Services education you can get at DCCCD. Here’s what some of our graduates had to say!

What Exactly Does a Radiologic Technologist Do, Anyway?

We’ve talked a lot recently about what exactly a radiologic technologist is and the types of technical work they do. We’ve even talked a little about a few of the alumni who have graduated from our programs. But there’s a lot more to it than flipping the ‘on’ switch on an X-ray machine. A radiologic technologist will generally also need to be capable of the following skills: