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Why Hasn’t My Class Been Paid For?!

So you’ve filled out your FAFSA, you’ve been awarded aid and it’s showing as pending on your account… but the payment hasn’t come through yet, and the payment deadline is looming. What’s going on?! Truthfully, the answer to this question can vary depending on the individual student and situation. But there’s one really common reason that applies to a lot of students — stay with us to get an idea of whether or not this could be you.

Here’s What’s Going on for Most Students

Tuition payments from financial aid begin 10 calendar days before your classes start. But sometimes the payment deadline falls a few days before that. Understandably, this gets confusing, and we sometimes get students asking if they’re going to be dropped from classes due to nonpayment because their aid hasn’t paid their tuition yet. But here’s something to keep in mind: Assuming you have a fully completed financial aid file, you have submitted your FAFSA to DCCCD and you continue to meet SAP requirements, your pending financial aid should hold your registration.

Worth noting: in some cases, a student receiving a financial aid award may experience a de-registration of their classes due to a change in their SAP status from Warning to Suspension. In these instances, you will have to pay for your tuition out of pocket until you regain financial aid eligibility.

Still not sure if this is you? Head to the Financial Aid website for more information, or give us a call at 972-587-2599.

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