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Register for Wintermester & Important Dates for Spring 2018

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Who’s ready for the spring semester?! (We definitely are!) Here are some dates to keep in mind as you plan out your class schedule.

When Can I Register for Wintermester Classes?

“Why Can’t I Register for This Class?!”

If you normally attend another college or university and you’re taking classes with us this winter, we’ll need your transcripts from those other institutions. One of the primary reasons for this is because many courses have prerequisites that must be met before you can register. Your transcripts are the main way we find out if you’ve taken those prerequisites elsewhere before coming to DCCCD.

Transcripts are evaluated by DCCCD Admissions/Registrar’s offices, and you will need to have your transcripts sent to the college you plan to attend. (Still have questions about transcripts? Check out some of our frequently asked questions about transcripts and evaluation.)

Important Dates for Spring 2018

  • Sunday, Oct. 1  Oct. 1 was the priority deadline for FAFSA submission. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still taking them — make sure to keep sending us those FAFSA applications!
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14 & Monday, Nov. 20 — Wondering when you can start registering for classes? Here it is! The date to remember is Nov. 14 for returning students and Nov. 20 for new students. Make sure to register early to get the classes you want!
  • Saturday, Jan. 6 — For your convenience, all DCCCD colleges will also be open from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Jan. 6. This is also the last day to register for regular 16-week Spring 2018 classes for students who do not have an academic standing of “good.”
  • Wednesday, Jan. 10 — This is the LAST DAY to register for 16-week Spring 2018 classes! There is no late registration at DCCCD, so if you miss this date, your best bet to get into classes quickly will be to choose from what’s available on the Flex term schedule.
  • Monday, Jan. 15 — All DCCCD colleges will be closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 16 — Spring 2018 officially begins!
  • Monday, Jan. 29 — Known by several names, such as the “12th class day,” “certification day” and the “lock date,” the 29th is the day your instructors certify your attendance for financial aid purposes for spring. It’s also the last day to set up a payment plan, either through eConnect or in person at your college’s business office.
  • Thursday, March 1 & Friday, March 2 — It’s every DCCCD student’s lucky days — days to play hooky! These are professional development days for faculty, and therefore daytime classes will not meet.
  • Monday, March 12-Friday, March 16 — All DCCCD colleges will be closed for spring break.
  • Friday, March 30 — All DCCCD colleges will be closed.
  • Thursday, April 12 — For 16-week classes, April 12 is the last day to drop a class for a grade of W.

Other Important Resources

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  1. Why can I not register for classes online yet? I am a returning student and need to take CHEM 1411 (or equivalent) I called 972-238 6948 and all I get is recorded messages. No humans. No help…just recorded blather. Is there a number to call to get a human that can actually assist me? When does online registration start? Do you have online Chemistry classes and labs?

    • Monica Monica

      For online classes, have you tried calling 972-669-6400? Keep in touch/let us know.

  2. nme01004 nme01004

    you may have a pre-req. if so that may be the reason why you can’t add the course. or a hold on your account maybe check your advising report or stop by the cashiers office.

  3. Victor Villalobos Victor Villalobos

    Does it make a big difference if I decided to take the collegiate high school classes instead of getting my High school diploma?

    • Monica Monica

      We actually have a lot of students who go through the ECHS to graduate high school with an associate degree simultaneously.

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