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Fall Registration Is Over — What Now?

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The deadline to register for fall classes was Aug. 16, and for whatever reason, it blew right past you. So what do you do now?

Can I Still Register for Flex Courses After Registration Has Closed?

Yup! If you missed the registration deadline, we still have some great options for you.

  • Flex Term classes — Our Flex Term classes begin every month, so you can start taking classes anytime. You can register for Flex Term classes any time throughout the year. These classes don’t always last the same amount of time as a regular 16-week semester class – some Flex Term classes last as few as eight weeks. You might meet once a week, three times a week or every day, which can help you finish your degree faster.
  • Fast Track classes — These classes are more intensive, but let you complete the requirements for an associate degree in one year. They start every month and are offered in four, four-week terms during the full-length semester.
  • Wintermester classes — Winter Term classes start in mid-December and last through early January. They are included as part of the Spring schedule and can allow you to earn 3-4 credit hours in just a few weeks.
  • Online classes — If you can’t make it to campus, check out our online classes. Some are Flex Terms and some are traditional semester-length classes, and all of them are convenient to take as long as you have reliable Internet access.

What’s the Cost of Attendance at DCCCD?

At $59 per credit hour, a three-hour course costs $177 for Dallas County residents – a huge savings compared to area institutions. The cost for a full year of classes is also pretty reasonable, with a price tag of less than $2,000 for full-time students living in Dallas County.

Tuition and Fees (30 Credit Hours) Books and Supplies
In-District Costs $1,770 $2,000
Out-of-District Costs $3,330 $2,000

This tuition cost applies to credit classes for all of our colleges — whether you’re in Dallas, Farmers Branch, Richardson, Mesquite, Irving, Lancaster or even downtown, all seven of our colleges offer the same great value.

What If I Need to Use Financial Aid?

These classes are eligible for financial aid! The main thing to keep in mind is that, because the start and end dates are different for these classes from the regular term, the financial aid deadlines and dates will also be different. You’ll want to discuss the details of that with your local DCCCD Financial Aid office.

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