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Skills That Pay the Bills: Free Job Training Programs Available Now

Thanks to WorkReadyU, we’ve made it even easier for you to develop in-demand job skills for in-demand career paths. These programs are designed to fit your schedule and allow you to move forward at your own pace – and, even better, it’s free! Need help with child care and/or transportation? No problem – WorkReadyU has resources to help you out with those, too.

Machine Operator: Earn a Manufacturer Certification

Machine and heavy equipment operators work in the manufacturing industry, learning the ins and outs of operation, repair and troubleshooting. The average salary of a machine operator can range from $12-17 per hour or more, and you’ll learn things like OSHA forklift safety training and earn an MSSC CPT safety/manufacturing certification in 5-12 weeks.

Keep the Line Moving as a Production Line Technician

Like many assembly line jobs, production line technicians work with mechanical equipment to ensure the manufacturing process runs smoothly. You might do things like set up a machine and then ensure that it performs as expected, or troubleshoot and diagnose issues if it doesn’t. Basic maintenance on the machines will also come into play, such as replacing worn parts or adding oil to a machine, as well as some basics about the safest ways to deal with electrical devices. A production line technician’s salary will range from about $14-17 per hour to start, and this program can be completed in four weeks.

Production Designer: Design Products, Then Make Them Work

A production designer uses drafting software and programs like Auto CAD or Solid Works to design products, and then uses blueprints to help bring those ideas to life. You’ll learn the ins and outs of this software through drawing, printing, editing and dimensioning, and eventually work your way up to 3-D drawing, including isometric drawing, external commands, advanced modeling and assemblies, import/export techniques and more. An entry-level production designer’s salary ranges from $15-18 per hour, and this program can be completed in 16 weeks.

Accounting Office Support Specialist: Work With Numbers and People

Accounting office support specialists work the “front lines” of an office, using basic accounting principles and customer service skills to handle things like basic bookkeeping and insurance claims. These administrative professionals can go on to become front office managers and learn to train other administrative assistants. This program takes 12 weeks to complete and by the end of it, you’ll have earned an IC3 Digital Literacy certification and will be qualified to apply for jobs with an average starting salary of around $11-13 per hour.

Logistics Technology: An Increasingly Important Field

Logistics technicians work in supply chain management to ensure goods get from point A to point B. (And in a hub city like Dallas, these jobs are plentiful!) In our three-week program, you’ll get a logistics technician certificate, a forklift certification and an OSHA 10 certificate and become qualified for logistics technician careers starting at around $11-15 per hour.

Become a Brick Mason in 7 Weeks

Brick masons learn to use bricks, concrete and concrete blocks, and natural and man-made stones to build walls, walkways, fences and other structures. You’ll take classes in masonry tools and techniques, applications and job search skills. At the end of this 7-week program, you’ll be OSHA 10 certified and qualified to apply for brick mason jobs with salaries ranging from $11-15 per hour.

Make Money on the Road as a Truck Driver

Truck drivers can earn great money transporting goods across states and even across the country. With this four-week program, you’ll earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and become qualified for truck driver jobs paying $20-25 per hour to start.

Start a Free Job Training Program Through WorkReadyU

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