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We Have Degrees for the 25 Best Jobs of 2012

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The 25 best jobs of 2012, according to U.S. News & World Report cover a range of industries, with half in health care or technology. DCCCD offers the degrees and certificates you would need for 19 of the 25 best jobs.

The 25 Best Jobs (and the DCCCD programs that go with them):

  1. Registered nurse (Nursing)
  2. Software developer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  3. Pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician)
  4. Medical assistant (Medical Assisting)
  5. Database administrator (Computer Information Technology – Programming)
  6. Web developer (Computer Information Technology – Web/Internet Services, Internet Development Technologies)
  7. Computer systems analyst (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Digital Forensics)
  8. Physical therapist
  9. Computer programmer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  10. Occupational therapist
  11. Maintenance and repair worker (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology, Construction Management, Construction Technology, Electrical Technology, Welding)
  12. Elementary school teacher (Child Development, Education-Related Degrees)
  13. Clinical laboratory technician (Medical Laboratory Technician)
  14. Speech-language pathologist
  15. Paramedic (EMS/Paramedic)
  16. Meeting, convention and event planner (Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management)
  17. School counselor
  18. Social worker (Social Work, Substance Abuse Counseling)
  19. Sports coach
  20. Sales representative (Business Administration, Marketing Careers)
  21. Accountant (Accounting)
  22. Receptionist (Business Office Systems and Support, Medical Front Office)
  23. Financial advisor (Accounting)
  24. Customer service representative (Business Office Systems and Support, Medical Front Office)
  25. HR specialist

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  1. Sheila hardmon Sheila hardmon

    What kind of classes do you offer for the HR specialist

  2. Joanna Jordan Joanna Jordan

    Hi, Sheila, HR specialist is one of the few jobs listed that we don’t have a specific program for. We do have the Business Office Systems and Support (, Business Adminstration ( and Management ( programs if you’re looking for classes related to business administration.

  3. Julia Julia

    Why don’t you have Occupational Therapy? I really like this field and would love to become an OTA but the closest program is in Corsicana. 🙁

    • Joanna Jordan Joanna Jordan

      Hi, Julia. We do have a Social Work program that has a similar framework as Occupational Therapy. You can find out more about it at You can also contact our Health Careers Resource Center, which is a great resource on all of our health-related programs, at 214-860-2283. Hope that helps!

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