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Not in Good Academic Standing? Be Sure to Register Early

Are you on academic probation, suspension or dismissal? Be sure to register for DCCCD classes as soon as possible. Starting with the Fall 2010 semester, you won’t be allowed to register after the first day of class if you are on probation, suspension or dismissal.

Fall classes begin Monday, Aug. 23.

Don’t know whether or not you are on academic probation, suspension or dismissal? Here’s how to check:

  • Log in to eConnect
  • Under “My Personal Information,” click on “My Advising Report (GPA)”
  • At the bottom of the page, under “Academic Standing History,” you’ll find your current academic status. (Keep in mind, your status is subject to change.)

If you have questions about your academic standing, check with an advisor at your college. And do it soon.

Research has shown that students who register late for classes tend not to do as well academically as those who register on time. Why? Because the first day of class is one of the most important days. If you miss it, you’ll have a difficult time trying to catch up. We want you to do well — and registering before classes begin is one way to get off to a good start.

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