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Community Colleges Growing Even More Popular

You’re in good company at DCCCD. Across the nation, more and more students are choosing community colleges to achieve their educational goals.

Enrollment in credit courses at community colleges is rising fast nationally, on average increasing more than 11 percent in one year, according to a recent survey compiled by the American Association of Community Colleges.

The biggest gain has been in the number of full-time students. About 60 percent of community college students are part-timers. However, the survey found that over the last two years, full-time students have enrolled at twice the percentage rate of part-time students. (At DCCCD, it’s the opposite; part-time students are the majority in sheer numbers and in percentage increase.)

You can view tables that show the percentage increase at community colleges, broken down by region. You’ll also see how the percentage increase of full-time students compares to the increase in part-time students.

Another reason that it all begins at Dallas County Community College District!

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